We have initiated ABACUS - A program to hone the mathematical skills in your child

Best Institute of KolkataRenaissance- An Institute of Learning has started abacus classes- a brain development program to sharpen mathematical skill, concentration,imagination,memory,recall to gear up the confidence of the child.

Best Institute of English Teacher


Service That Makes Us The Best Institute Of Kolkata

We, at Renaissance, believe that textbooks open the window to the world. We thus, guide our students in a similar way. We have even implied special attention in designing our curriculum accordingly.

  • We have a special viva for evaluating the lingual competency and knowledge base of our students.
  • We have installed a wide range of learning and teaching aids. These help our students to comprehend first and then learn their lessons.
  • We are the best institute of Kolkata in providing comprehensive coaching to the students of all boards in subjects like English (All Boards), History and Geography (only English Medium).
  • We have recently ventured into guiding English Honours students who are studying under the University of Calcutta.
  • We also impart knowledge through various visual teaching aids; as the more you see, the better you understand.
  • We bring all our pupils to regular test, their answers scripts are evaluated by our reputed examiners.
  • We have recently come up with a course on Communicative English and have employed some of the experts in this field for teaching our students; we can now claim to be the best institute In Kolkata.

You can contact the office for further details.

RANADIP'S MOUNTAIN SCORE- The Best Course to learn English Grammar is conducted at Renaissance only.



We Are the Best Institute of English in Kolkata

What makes our service better than others?

We encourage serious minded students to learn their courses better and more comfortably. The most important aspect of the services that we at Renaissance offer is that we help even the mediocre students to achieve their goals. We never leave the hands of those who really want to study and plan to do something very big in their future. Our Communicative English Course and Elementary English Grammar courses are designed to develop the communicative and vocabulary skills among our students. All the classes are taken by some of the well known english teachers of Kolkata, who are known for their expertise.

The admission procedure at Renaissance is very easy; you can contact us and drop down at our office with a prior appointment with our Principal. The course fee is also very nominal and will fit easily into your budget. We know parents can do anything to get their children admitted in the right institute and are ready to pay any amount for their children’s education. But at Renaissance, we never put money before our students.