We have initiated ABACUS - A program to hone the mathematical skills in your child

Best Coaching CenterRenaissance- An Institute of Learning has started abacus classes- a brain development program to sharpen mathematical skill, concentration,imagination,memory,recall to gear up the confidence of the child.

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Renaissance - The Best Coaching Center of Kolkata, Where Education Meets Values

Kolkata Best InstituteFor an enviable career your child needs a solid foundation. Materialistic aspirations and mental satisfaction both can be achieved with qualitative education. The people who are not highly qualified fail to fulfill their dreams to excel in life. At Renaissance we not only help your child to dream big but also show him the best way to fulfill his dream. This makes us the best coaching center of Kolkata. We offer high-end education that complies with the present day education trend prevailing in India and abroad. Our extensive research helps us induce new and innovative educational measure for teaching our students. We help them to cherish a passion about their professional career and learn the best way to achieve their zeal.

The Best English Institute in Kolkata

English is not our mother tongue, it is a foreign language. But India is the only country where nearly every educated person is able to converse in English. It is almost like the second national language here in India. All the official transactions and professional conversations are carried out in English. Now, when this is the scenario, can you imagine what will happen to your son / daughter, when he / she faces an interview panel without being able to converse in proper English? We have taken special care of employing the best english teachers of Kolkata who have optimum expertise in teaching the subject. Though we coach other subjects too under the supervision of reputed school teachers and lecturers, we put a large amount of emphasis over learning English better. We not only teach but we really do care of your child’s future and your trust that you have vested upon us.

The artisans of the future of modern India

We have some of the best English Teachers of Kolkata teaching for us

The future of any country lies in the hands of the youth and we are the makers of this young generation. At Renaissance, students do not mug up things that they scribble down on the examination paper. As, the best coaching centre of Kolkata, we inculcate the logical thinking among our pupils and train them to judge before believing anything. We teach them to evaluate everything with logic and never revert from asking questions.